What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is age old principle based on the “Law of similars.” This fundamental principal is the belief that “Like is cured by like.” Although the German physician Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemann is credited with “discovering” homeopathy, ancient Hindu sages described its laws in the tenth- century B.C. as well as by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates in 400 B.C. The word Homeopathy comes from the Greek words homoios (“similar) and pathos (“suffering” or “sickness”). The law of similar states that a remedy can counteract a negative symptom, if it produces in a healthy person symptoms similar to those of the disease. Homeopathic treatments usually can proceed simultaneously with other ongoing medications, and as the  client sees benefits from it,  he/she can consult his physician to take homeopathic course of action. It is important that he/she tell the physician about the  ongoing homeopathic  treatment.


At RHC Pvt.Ltd Our renowned team of Doctors has been helping people around the world for the last 55 years with various  medical problems using German homeopathic treatment philosophy. A very well known medicines specially for Eyesight, Stomach & Depression are known for its contribution since 1968. Distinction of our history has a major impact in nineteen-century homeopathic medicine. In the time when most of Allopathic Doctors and as well as patients didn’t recognize the true miracles of Homeopathic medicine. Whereas Allopathy treats the symptoms of an illness, such as an antibiotic for an infection or pain medication to relieve pain, and is based in science, Homeopathy is the practice of treating the cause of the illness, (rather than the symptoms), with natural remedies that would produce similar symptoms in healthy patients. The underlying premise is that the body’s natural systems fight disease rather than the use of drugs.  At Revive Homeopathic Clinic Pvt. Ltd we are always updating with the latest in homeopathic research for best treatment, and we contribute our findings to the homeopathic community for benefits to others.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people stay healthy, the natural way. Our body does not need more chemicals to fight against outside pollution and morbid agents. All we need is tranquility between body and mind. Homeopathy has solution to mind and body relationships. We want to see that million dollar smile on your face, after being treated by Homeopathy. Your blessings are our reward.




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